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JakeHarrison11 ChangeOrgSignBot: A bot that can infinitely sign change org petitions


Facebook’s AI then wanted to send a text to verify my identity to the old disabled number I no longer had access to. That account in turn was change org bot disabled a month later as I was in the process of verifying it for advertising. There was no indication I had violated Community Standards.

Your results is our goal and your satisfaction is our priority. If we don’t live up to our promises, we insist that you tell us and we’ll credit back to your account. Contact us for replacement or service warranty. While our signatures on are real, that does not mean your account will not be suspended if you engage in other illegal activities, all of which are beyond our control hence we cannot provide any guarantee.

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Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. In 2012, the site dropped most of the restrictions it previously placed on paid content. Additional controversy arose when the employee who initially leaked the documents was fired.

In this work we retrieved more than 350K petitions, standardized their field values, and added new information using language detection and named-entity recognition. To motivate future research with this unique repository of global protest, we present a first exploration of the dataset. In particular, we examine how social media campaigning is related to the success of petitions, as well as some geographic and linguistic findings about the worldwide community of We conclude with example research questions that could be addressed with our dataset. has attracted the interest of researchers working in the field of civic technology. Research also suggests that petitions containing positive emotions have higher chances of success, while petitions appealing to moral and cognitive content are less likely to be successful.

Individual Action

Iman Ghavami, the prisoner’s brother, created a campaign in petition to the Government of Iran and the Government of the United Kingdom. He gained 747,476 supporters after public outrage in the United Kingdom began in support of freeing Ghoncheh. On July 14, 2019, an online petition titled „The Immediate Halt to the Construction of the TMT Telescope” was posted on in protest against the Thirty Meter Telescope. The online petition has currently gathered over 278,057 signatures worldwide. After many efforts, John Feal, a 9/11 first responder, was integral in passing the Zadroga Act in 2010.

change org bot

On Reddit, there are over 30 threads with hundreds if not thousands of similar stories. Many of these accounts are ten to twelve years old with ample evidence they are authentic accounts with no indication Community Standards had been violated. Facebook is a repository of memories, old posts and photos over a decade old in some cases.

Start with ten impactful actions

Submit changes to your email address, mailing address, FEIN or registered agent/registered office. Bitbucket integrates with first- and third-party tools to reduce context-switching and improve code quality. Bitbucket is more than just Git code management. Bitbucket gives teams one place to plan projects, collaborate on code, test, and deploy. “With the integration, it’s possible to link each line of changed code back to a Jira issue, to understand not only what was changed, but why. “The Jira/Bitbucket integration has transformed the way our software teams are able to communicate, work together, and deploy code.

Your order will be fulfilled by users from all over the world and we DO NOT promise any specific country. If your petition is only available for certain countries, feel free to contact support before placing your order. Although we may start working on your change org bot order instantly, it takes time to fully deliver your order. We deliver orders gradually over a period of time (drip-feed) instead of instant signatures to present a natural growth of your brand and protect the safety of your account.

In other projects

By the end of the campaign they had 40,484 supporters and met with Premier Kathleen Wynne and Minister Liz Sandals, which led to the topic of consent being taught in Canada. On 13 January 2022, a petition to rescind Tony Blair’s knighthood received 1,106,497 signatures. On October 13th, 2017, Ana Clara Leite was sexually harassed twice in taxis after drivers accessed her information using a mobile phone app called Easy Taxi. She won her petition asking Easy Taxi App to introduce safety measures, with the backing of more than 27,000 Brazilians. In 2012, Arizona State University decided to block access to in response to a petition created by student Eric Haywood protesting „rising tuition costs at the school”.

Your workspace name is displayed in menus and headings throughout Slack. Your workspace URL is the web address your members will use to access Slack. You can rename or set a new web address for your workspace or Enterprise Grid organization at any time. Be sure to let all members know about the change.

That means we deliver real Change signatures with real and active human. You should only buy active signatures instead of fake bots. Tracking is available in our 100% transparent, proprietary dashboard. In 2018, Anne Savage, the CEO of Bicycle Queensland, claimed that a massive Australian–based anti-cycling petition on was full of false names.

The character was brought back to the show a few episodes later. However, this was not a result of the petition, as the episodes were conceived months prior. That afternoon the company changed its forbearance fee policy.

  • Finally, for many small businesses it is a cheap way to advertise and compete with the big box stores.
  • For example, we advertise to our users to view your petition.
  • The authors of these petitions have been criticized for focusing on “first world problems”.
  • That afternoon the company changed its forbearance fee policy.
  • From the electricity we use, to the food we eat, the way we travel, and the things we buy, we can make a difference.

It’s hard to get noticed by people early on, the petition might get drown in the pool of many petitions. When you input your petition link into the console, the script will then load 2 JSON files. One filled with first names, and one filled with surnames.

Email/Messaging/FTP Though they are not function-oriented APIs that a developer calls the way you might typically call an API, FTP, email have historically been rigged by clever developers to emulate the role of an API. This class of API bears some resemblance to streaming, only it’s usually not nearly as real-time. Popular implementations might involve transmission of a batch of data as a file to some inbox via Internet email or the File Transfer Protocol. If FTP, email, or a similar messaging system transports data between the API consumer and the API provider, pick this option. I agree with bots 100%, but believe me when i say it’s not gonna change.

The donations are „unrestricted” according to its FAQ. As further reported, „ keeps the money and uses it to 'circulate’ petitions more widely and pay for its own operating costs.” On May 17, 2021, updated their privacy policy which included a formal statement from the company regarding the selling of personal data; „ does not sell the personal information of any of our users and we have not sold data in the last 12 months.” has also been accused of selling the personal data provided by the users to third-party companies that hire its services. The following is a list of petitions that surpasses a million signatures.

change org bot

That being said, most of our customers find that our prices for signatures are cheap compared to competitors, particularly after considering our quality of service. The reasoning is that due to bulk orders and higher order size, we are able to give you cheaper pricing. If you order multiple quantities of this service for the same petition, we can still deliver but we cannot estimate the time required to complete the order.

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