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Participants’ impact from peers’ similarity out-of attitudes on homosexuals try assessed playing with a few similar items, except towards the peers’ gender

Participants’ impact from peers’ similarity out-of attitudes on homosexuals try assessed playing with a few similar items, except towards the peers’ gender

All the questions realize: “Network the number you to ideal identifies just how probably your own attitude to the homosexuals is much like brand new attitude the majority of your [ male / girls ] household members has on the homosexuals.” One another concerns was in fact responded having fun with an effective 5-point measure between 0 (Absolutely nothing) to 4 (Much). Early in the day research has located these products so you can reflect respondents’ normative attitudes toward gay people (Herek & Capitanio, 1996). These products presented an effective Cronbach’s ? regarding .70.


We measured religiosity using four facts: (a) significance of religious otherwise spiritual values; (b) regularity of chapel or forehead attendance in past times 12 months; (c) regularity to situations sponsored by the spiritual class previously year; and you may (d) prayer regularity in the past times. Requirement for spiritual viewpoints was measured using a beneficial cuatro-part level ranging from 1 (Not important anyway) to help you 4 (Essential). The item computing participants’ attendance so you can a chapel otherwise forehead for the for the past seasons understand, “How often have you attended a chapel otherwise temple about earlier in the day season?” Users replied it by choosing among after the half dozen groups: Never, A few times a-year, From time to time a-year, From time to time a month, Weekly, and most once a week. The brand new half dozen respond to classes to have chapel attendance were plus utilized for attendance so you can sponsored spiritual events. Prayer volume was reviewed having six categories: Never, From time to time 30 days, Several times 30 days, A few minutes a week, Once a day, or even more than just once a day. Other studies have utilized equivalent measures of religiosity inside their questionnaires and discovered these to end up being continuously legitimate (Herek & Gonzalez-Rivera, inside drive). Religiosity points got a good Cronbach’s ? from .80 inside our study.

Attitudes into Lesbians and you may Gays

The last area of the questionnaire included the fresh Spanish-interpretation of one’s completely new brand of this new Perceptions Into the Lesbians and you can Homosexual (ATLG) Scale (Herek, 1984). So it 20-product scale is actually responded having fun with an effective 5-point size between step 1 (Strongly disagree) to 5 (Firmly agree). Respondents’ score are computed by firmly taking the newest mean all over items such as for example that high ratings echo more negative thinking on the homosexual guys and you will ladies. Within the original adaptation, the scale shall be divided into several ten-items subscales: the newest Attitudes into the Lesbians (ATL) while the Perceptions with the Gays (ATG) subscales. We interpreted brand new ATLG measure on the Foreign-language-vocabulary immediately after which straight back interpreted from Language towards English to be sure equivalency between the two brands. Spanish-talking Puerto Rican folks, exactly who volunteered from inside the a beneficial pre-attempt pilot studies, believed the aid of code compatible. Spanish and you can English types of your items’ stuff can be found within the Appendix A good.

Exploratory principle axis basis analyses that have oblique rotation of one’s Foreign-language form of the newest ATLG Measure had about three facts: a beneficial Condemnation-Threshold Basis (17 issues; %), a self-Expressive Grounds (one to items; 6.75%), and a values Grounds (two issues; 6.51%). Such about three elements told me sixty.9% of your overall difference. The new said variance ones activities are very similar to men and women acquired inside Herek’s (1984) fresh studies. Following the Herek’s (1984) recommendation, i picked those things packing large only on the parts matrix of the Condemnation-Threshold basis. Just after deleting step 3 situations (points 2, seven, 12), we decided to as well as eradicate a supplementary items (goods 17) as it decreased the new scale’s precision significantly. New ATLG measure ended with 16-facts and you will told me 55% of your own overall difference. The object loadings for three facts try demonstrated for the Dining table step 1 .

Table step one

Herek’s ATLG Measure could have been administered in various racial teams through the the usa with uniform Cronbach’s leader coefficients greater than .87 (Herek, 2000). Since the scale got not ever been used for a Puerto Rican try, the brand new ATLG-Foreign-language adaptation demonstrated accuracy score (?=.93) similar to those people gotten because of the Herek when you look at the an enthusiastic student take to (Herek, 1996). To lessen new rising prices of your Cronbach’s alpha accuracy coefficient owed on the number of facts, i parceled new 16 circumstances for the four composite score. For each get illustrated the fresh mean well worth for each four-goods ATL and you may ATG indicator, correspondingly. Solution keeping of points because of the the score purchased grounds loadings was indeed familiar with through the evidence to your ATG and ATL symptoms, respectively. All four-product signs got a .ninety Cronbach’s alpha coefficient.

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